Now More Than Ever: Just Write (via News)

please write more than ever because thats what wordpress is all about cya guys

Now More Than Ever: Just Write Writers are as different as the stories they produce, and their ideal writing environments vary no less. One thing most writers agree on, though, is that one of the toughest challenges is overcoming distraction. At WordPress we've always believed that when you're using the application, the focus should be on what's most important — your content. In the spirit of making things faster and simpler, today we are introducing a couple of changes to yo … Read More

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Hi guys as you know the grammy’s happened and guess what!!!?? Mick Jagger came on! and believe me it was his first time there

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please contact

please contact me and tell me how you like this show check back on Friday and rock on

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if you have any requests please contact me your write it in your comments you might get picked for the next show on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the rock and roll show

hello everybody and welcome to the rock and roll show i update on bands and other singers and also if there is a band you want to know more about put it in the comments. (i update every Friday)  so check back on friday

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